Our Story

Our company strives to bring innovation within the hair and beauty industry, constantly seeking out improvements, and pushing boundaries. We have identified a need in the market and are working to provide the best possible solution for it. We recognize that customers have specific needs and challenges when it comes to beauty and aim to create solutions tailored to those distinct requirements. Our ultimate goal is ensure that consumers discover the products they need, with our efficient solutions making looking and feeling beautiful easier than ever before.

Our Founder

Sade is a wife, mom of two and a serial entrepreneur, who started her first business at the age of 21. A true passion of the beauty and hair industry, she ran a successful hair extension business amongst others, until recently in March 2023,when she launched her patent-pending new venture, The Grip Comb™.

Designed to improve upon the silk press styling experience, The Grip Comb™ is a revolutionary attachment that sticks to your straightener and allows you to get salon-quality hair at home without any fear of getting burnt fingers or wasting money on melting combs. She created The Grip Comb because she would always struggle to style and reach the back of her head while doing her hair. Her husband was always called in to help but like many spouses he could never figure out the chase method. This is how the idea behind The Grip Comb™ came about.

When not innovating and launching businesses, Sade loves to spend time with her family with travels to Dubai, UK, Italy and Jamaica.