Does It Melt?

The Grip Comb is made with double coated carbon fiber and is heat tested for up to 350 degrees so you don't have to worry about it melting.

Can I Tranfer It To My Other Tools?

No, The Grip Comb is meant to be used on one tool, once its stuck on DO NOT REMOVE or you will mess up the adhesive. If you need to buy multiple, you can save by purchasing theDuo Pack

Can I Still Curl With My Straightening Tool?

Yes, The Grip Comb doesn't imped with the use of your straighteners original use. It only enhances it, you will be able to use it as normal.

Do I Have To Do Any Preparations Before I stick It On?

Yes, please clean your tool wherever you intend on putting The Grip Comb. If its dirty it will not adhere properly. Also, make sure its completely dry before putting it on. 

When Will My Order Ship?

Shipping takes 4-6 business days for domestic and US shipping.

International shipping is 7-10 business days


Contact support@thegripcomb.com immediately. In some cases, we may be able to change the address for you if your order hasn't already been processed. In the event that your order is undeliverable or returned to sender due to insufficient or inaccurate shipping information, your order will be refunded once we are notified that the order has been returned/received. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. Contact customer care for further assistance.